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Gratitude: The Heart of Thanksgiving Week

As Thanksgiving Day stretches into a full week of cherished moments with family, friends, and an abundance of food, the word that resonates most profoundly is "gratitude." While I revel in the joy of cooking – a personal passion that adds flavor to this festive season – I find myself reflecting on the intricate journey that brings this celebration to fruition.

My culinary escapades, including pumpkin pies, butternut squash salad, quiches, beet salad, Texas Caviar, and bacon-infused Brussels sprouts, are only a small part of a much larger production. In our household, the real heroes are my husband and son, who spent four days meticulously preparing and smoking the centerpiece of our feast: the turkey. Our Thanksgiving dinner is not just a meal; it's the collective end of a very long supply chain, much like the work my clients do in the middle of their respective industries.

So, as I prepare to indulge in the delights of this Thanksgiving spread, I pause to give thanks to those who form the backbone of this intricate production.

Gratitude for the Farmers: A heartfelt thank you to the farmers, both near and far, who labor from seed to harvest, sorting and packing the ingredients that grace our tables.

Appreciation for Logistics Maestros: In acknowledging the complexity of the supply chain, gratitude extends to the truckers and warehouse workers who navigate the transportation and logistics – a nod to my clients in the trucking and logistics business.

Recognition for Culinary Collaborators: A special mention to food service workers who offer time-saving shortcuts, allowing me to enjoy the art of cooking without being consumed by every detail.

Salute to Local Heroes: To the local Coop, farmer's market, and grocery store workers who navigate the holiday rush with patience, helping me carry bags as I nurse a healing shoulder.

Applause for Innovators and Inspirers: Cheers to the foodies and publishers who share their creativity through delectable recipes and navigate the evolving landscape of culinary inspiration.

Acknowledgment for Unseen Heroes: A heartfelt thank you to emergency room workers who spend their holidays tending to kitchen mishaps, and to restaurant owners and staff who provide a delightful respite during this season.

Tribute to Entertainment Enablers: Finally, gratitude extends to filmmakers, football teams, producers, directors, musicians, and actors for providing entertainment that allows us to unwind post-turkey.

As I sit down to savor the complexity of our Thanksgiving feast, I'm reminded that this is a product of a global economy with inputs from the hands of many hardworking and creative individuals. To my friends, colleagues, clients, and neighbors – you are the supply chain that makes this meal extraordinary.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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