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Navigating the Heights of Business: Lessons from the Rappel and the Rise

While it doesn’t exactly feel like it, we’re wrapping up the summer holiday weeks and slipping quickly into the busy-ness of the school year and fall. I just returned from my American Leadership Forum retreat in Colorado. Under the Western Shadow of Pike’s Peak, I spent 6 days in thoughtful spiritual and physical challenges with the outstanding cohort of Class 60. We pushed each other to become better versions of ourselves in so many ways.

The picture above shows me rappelling down the rock face at about 11,000 feet in the hot sun with a trusted new friend serving as the safety anchor up top and another shouting helpful directions from her broader view perspective down below.

Building a business is not a solo act. Being human is not a solo act. Taking risks should never be a solo act.

In business and life, we need to check our ropes and harnesses carefully, learn new skills from our partners, and trust those who have the benefit of a better view (even if that view necessarily involves a close up of our less attractive ends).

Who is checking your harness and helping you tie the knots on your lines? Do you understand your tax structure, your business contracts, your employee’s status, your competition? What risks are you taking without being tied improperly?

Are you about to take a big, blind leap off a cliff into a merger, a growth spurt, a new line of business, a new hire? Whose broader perspective will help guide you over that cliff? Are you clipped in with a solid, tested carabiner and rope?

Last year about this time, I was putting the lines in place to jump into solo practice in the launch of Goodrow Law, PLLC. I had wise counsel, the support of many friends and family, and the “I’ll coach you” perspective of my husband Henry, among others. I felt safe jumping off that cliff of security.

And my first year has been amazing

So thanks….to those who jumped with me as clients. And thanks to those who held the ropes and guided me. We’ve almost doubled the number clients climbing with Goodrow Law and we’re continuing to expand our resources inside and outside the Firm.

This year will be about climbing and growing my business- similar ropes, similar need for outside perspective……but now I will be relying on some new team members to belay me to greater heights. If you’re climbing to a new place, call us at Goodrow Law to check your ropes, provide perspective, and keep you safe on your climb. You can trust us.

Happy Climbing (or Rappelling)

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