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Outsourced GC Services

Houston’s economic backbone is made of thousands of highly functional, mostly profitable, midmarket private companies.  These companies manage health care, run successful consumer-facing enterprises, launch restaurant chains, provide accounting services and engineering services, and manufacture things. They recycle industrial materials and develop real estate. They build mining enterprises for cryptocurrency. They provide business-to-business services behind the scenes to make our economy grow.  All of these companies need a lawyer who takes the time to understand their business and provide practical, efficient, and cost-effective legal advice. 

We make house calls. We meet your employees and get to know your needs. We can even keep office hours onsite if that makes sense for an interim project.  

We practice business law in a practical way. We draft 2-page documents when that suffices to accomplish your task and 20-page documents when necessary. We help you understand the Why and not just the How of legal transactions. When your project requires specialists or a larger team, we can make informed recommendations and even assemble and manage your larger legal team.  

Alicia serves as strategic counsel to the board or to the owner-operator of several mid-market companies. Her 30+ years leadership as a business lawyer gives her breadth of experience and perspective to bring to each company. While she won’t say she has “seen it all,” she’s seen more than most with experience in


  • more than $4 billion of joint ventures; 

  • more than $200 million of small and mid-market M&A transactions; and 

  • at least $100 million early-stage capital raises; and 

  •  one of the largest commercial bankruptcies in history. 


US Cardio

Alicia has taken her experience from working with the big legal firms/big companies and brought it to us at the entrepreneurial level.  She has great awareness of what it takes to help structure your business properly for growth and legal protection of the entities.  I remember the first time I sat down with her; I didn’t understand several of the concepts.  Today, I live, eat, and breathe what she’s set up to help protect what we are trying to grow.  None of this would have been possible without Alicia’s help.  I’ve referred friends to her, and they also rave about her.  I trust her legal opinion implicitly.


- Cliff Crossett


Franco Silva - Mexssub-compressed copy.jpg

Dog Pack Ventures

As a 12-year serial entrepreneur that has come across all sort of "resources", I have to say that this book is actually fantastic. It bridges the gap between theory and execution beautifully. The lessons are not only clever and great at simplifying complex challenges, but clearly show Alicia's depth and breadth of experience as a business coach and advisor. The best part is the work-book nature of the book, providing real-time applicable tools to help actually execute on its teachings. I'll be recommending this book to all of my students and fellow entrepreneur peers. Her skills go beyond start-up to day-to-day business operations and long-term strategy.

- Franco Silva




GoodBiz.Law serves as outsourced general counsel for this fast-growing logistics and packaging company. Alicia keeps office hours and works directly with the founders and board to align business strategy with legal compliance issues.

- Antonio Galafassi


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