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Houston is the center of the global energy marketplace with all major energy players and much of the new Green Energy economy finding homes here. Austin is increasingly the Tech Hub of the 21st century with Tesla, DELL, WholeFoods, Apple, Meta, Google, and others setting up global headquarters in our Central Texas oasis. Investors in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Italy, England, and elsewhere seek to invest capital in Texas real estate for personal risk protection and Visa application purposes. Businesses in the supply chains to energy and tech companies look to get a foothold in the United States in the shadow of the larger companies buying their services. 

GoodBiz.Law can help guide your process of Inbound Investment: 

  • Formation of US Blocker Company in Texas or Delaware 

  • Formation of US special purpose subsidiaries 

  • Coordination of foreign and US tax and legal advisors 

  • Start-up advice on basics of employment, real estate, and contracting 

  • Structuring Joint Ventures with US companies to accelerate growth and brand recognition 

  • Introduction to key advisors in Immigration, Estate Planning, Banking, Accounting, Specialized Tax Planning, and Compliance 

  • Serve as your US Outsourced General Counsel 


We collaborate closely with Strohmeyer Law, PKF Texas, Tiller Law, Chevez Law FirmFoster Global and others specializing in planning for inbound investments to make sure all aspects of your tax, financial, and personal immigration planning are covered in your Inbound Planning. 

Sample fee schedule


Orama Solutions

Orama Solutions is a UK company that needed to move fast to establish their Texas headquarters in order to meet a high demand for new tech workers in Austin precipitated by the Tesla move. Alicia Goodrow set up their company in Texas, built a team of accountants, financial advisors, and other specialists to support their rapid growth and is on-call as outsourced GC for their contracting needs.


- Sam Crisp


Grupo_Martex_Client Logos.png

Grupo Martex –
Grumarpo USA

Alicia Goodrow is the US outsourced general counsel for this multi-national company headquartered in Mexico City. She advises them on all aspects of inbound business law and has helped them build their US tax and compliance team. With regular trips to Mexico City, she stays on top of their growth strategies and internal direction.


- Eloy Villalobos

Director of Tax 

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