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Women & Minority-Owned Businesses

Alicia has been a partner with a nationally recognized WBEA law firm for almost a decade. She partners with various service organizations that provide support to M/WBEA businesses including B2G Victory. As a leader in the WBEA community Alicia teaches online webinars, coaches start-up companies, and mentors minority and women business owners in WBEA, Port U, PurpleLaunch (UH/Rice University entrepreneurship workshop), and SheSpace. She has helped women launch $20 million investment funds, $10 million construction companies, and $200,000 marketing firms. She has experience helping M/WBE business transition to new ownership without losing their status and raise capital from many sources. Her network of multi-disciplinary women-owned businesses can support your legal, accounting, contracting, marketing, and other business management needs.  

Alicia’s work with M/WBE companies is a subset of her work with Start-Ups and as Outsourced General Counsel.  At the start-up phase this can include choice of entity and basic set up activities. As Outsourced General Counsel, Alicia’s work involves the daily block and tackling of contract review & drafting, tax structuring, risk segregation and management, and basic organizational documentation.  


Cole Chemical & Distribution

Alicia Goodrow has advised Donna Cole, owner of this nationally recognized minority/woman-owned chemical distribution company through many transactions over a decade or more. She looks to Ms. Cole as a mentor in the M/WBE community of companies and finds synergies in mentoring early stage women-owned businesses.


- Donna Cole




SCF Financial

Alicia Goodrow has been outsourced general counsel for CI SCF Financial since it was a women-owned startup launched by Deborah Stavis more than 15 years ago. She has guided them through launch, growing pains, and a successful exit to one of the largest AUM companies in North America. She continues to advise the Houston team on all of their daily legal issues. 


- Deborah Stavis




It is actually fun to recommend Alicia. Her reputation as detailed oriented, fair, and full of energy is only half her skills. I find Alicia to be passionate and caring. her IQ is clearly superior, but her emotional intelligence and ability to use them in an empathetic manner that is also to achieve noble goals is impressive. Her ability to see an issue and create a solution using a collaborative team is superior to most people I know. Being paid for work and excelling is an accomplishment. Volunteering to work with at-risk youth and taking the work as seriously is remarkable. I admire a dedicated volunteer as much as a credible professional. Thank you, Alicia.

- Sara Speer Selber


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